Ashima Bhardwaj

Ashima Bhardwaj is the Operations Coordinator for Whose Knowledge?. She has worked, over the last ten years, in various capacities from human resource management to operations management to public outreach. She is experienced in designing and implementing international inclusion and diversity programs, training workshops and public speaking. She strongly believes in the lifelong process of learning, unlearning and relearning; and is passionate about using her skills and experiences to create change in communities around the world. She is the former Director of Operations at The Rules Foundation, and Associate Director of International Programs at UNESCO Center for Peace. Ashima holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from Uttarakhand Technical University, India, as well as a Masters in English Literature from Garhwal University, India. When not tallying accounting spreadsheets, Ashima spends her time with family, cooking up traditional dishes, writing poems and reading books with the kids.