Person holding a cellphone with the picture of feminist protesters on the screen. In the background, there are lighting icons in neon, and at the top the title "Protest + Power: centering feminist tech at CSW67"

Protest+power: centering feminist technology at CSW67

Posted مارس 30, 2023 by

In the session "Protest+Power: Feminist movement organising in technology", speakers brought their experiences as grassroots activists coming from South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. They have been at the forefront of feminist tech organizing in the Larger World (Global South). The event took place in New York City, during the CSW NGO Forum, and was co-organized by Whose Knowledge?, Numun Fund, and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). The participants were moderator Sheena Magenya (APC), Jac sm Kee (Numun Fund), Marla (MariaLab), Dhyta Caturani (Purple Code), Irene Mwendwa (Pollicy), and Shubha Kayastha (Body & Data).