#VisibleWikiWomen 2019

Wikipedia and the broader internet are still missing so many images of important and influential women. Let’s add their faces to Wikimedia projects so that those who have been invisible can be fully seen and recognized! Join us from 8 March to 8 May 2019 in the next #VisibleWikiWomen campaign!

The Issue

Less than ¼ of Wikipedia biographies represent women. Many biographies of notable women don’t exist or are incomplete, and one of the main challenges is the lack of images that represent them. We estimate that less than 20% of Wikipedia articles of important women have pictures.

When women’s faces are missing from Wikipedia, that invisibility spreads. Half a billion people read Wikipedia every month, and it is the 5th most visited website in the world, so gaps in Wikipedia have a big impact on the broader internet. Women’s knowledge and contributions to the world are invisible in so many ways. Together, we can address this and make women more visible online!

#VisibleWikiWomen Challenge

Our pilot edition, launched in March 2018, was a success. Our partners – Wikimedians, GLAM and feminist organizations – made the faces of important and influential women from different cultures and regions of the world visible on Wikimedia projects, especially Wikipedia. We hoped to see at least 100 images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons but instead, more than 1000 images were shared during this challenge. We estimate that at least 500 different women are now visible on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. You can read more about our 2018 #Visible Wiki Women campaign here.

Inspired by the results of our pilot campaign, our goal for this second edition of #VisibleWikiWomen is to bring 1600 images of notable women to Wikimedia Commons, the big multimedia library for all Wikimedia projects, including the 293 language versions of Wikipedia.

To reach this goal, we invite you – women’s and feminist organizations, Wikipedia editors, user groups, chapters, and anyone who would like to give notable women the visibility and acknowledgment they deserve. We are excited to collaborate with last year’s super heroes again and to welcome new partners from around the world.

How to participate?

You can join the #VisibleWikiWomen campaign by gathering and uploading quality images in the public domain, or under free license, to Wikimedia Commons under the VisibleWikiWomen category. These images could be photographs or drawings of women, as well as images of their work, with proper consent.

Besides uploading images to Commons, you can also participate in the campaign by:

– Hosting or attending local events in your communities where photos can be taken or uploaded

– Releasing your existing photos of notable women under free licence

– Creating illustrations and drawings

– Promoting and publicizing this project by spreading the word about it and using the hashtag #VisibleWikiWomen in your social media channels.

And probably so much more! We’d love to see you coming up with new ideas that make the most sense for you and your communities. Let us know if you decide to try something out because we’d love to learn from you!


During last year’s campaign, we created this #VisibleWikiWomen resources kit. In these documents, you will find instructions and practical advice on how to navigate the Wikiverse, especially how to use Wikimedia Commons.

How to give and get consent for images on Wikipedia

How to upload images to Wikimedia Commons

Dos and Dont’s for adding images to Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia

How to create drawings for Wikipedia

How to ask for image donations

How to find free images

– …and if you need inspiration, here are some lists of missing women on Wikipedia.

We hope you’ll find these resources helpful but feel free to contact us if you need extra support. We are in this together!