Part 3: Adding our knowledge to Wikipedia

“Adding Our Knowledge to Wikipedia” is Part 3 in the “Our Stories, Our Knowledges” Resource Series.

This resource shares why we have decided to create and share our knowledge on Wikipedia, and how we’re doing this work. Members of Native American communities of the Kumeyaay and Shoshone, Dalit feminist communities from India and the diaspora, LGBTIQA communities from Bosnia Herzegovina, and Whose Knowledge? allies have many different stories to share about our experiences editing the world’s largest online and free encyclopedia. Many of our experiences have been joyful but unfortunately many of them have also been traumatic. Dealing with Wikipedia’s rules of notability and reliable sources often mirrors and makes us relive the pain that systemic oppression has inflicted upon us and our communities in our everyday lives.

By sharing what we’ve learned from adding our knowledge to Wikipedia, we hope that other marginalized communities will use our experiences as a jumping-off point for their own explorations.


Whose Knowledge?

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