Centering knowledge from the margins: our embodied practices of epistemic resistance and revolution

“The histories and knowledges of marginalized communities are the histories and knowledges of the majority of the world. The creation, curation, and dissemination of these knowledges by scholars and activists of marginalized communities require significant forms of courage, resistance, and allyship. How do Indigenous, feminist, queer, and anti-caste scholars and activists ensure that the rich and textured histories of our peoples get told with nuance? How do we work within our own communities and with allies from other communities to build a significant corpus of marginalized knowledges? How do these knowledges come to be translated, exchanged, or consumed online without their rich diversity and plurality being co-opted or simplified?”

Read the full article, freely accessible till the end of August 2020.

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By Az Causevic, Kavita Philip, Maari Zwick-Maitreyi, Persephone Hooper Lewis, Siko Bouterse & Anasuya Sengupta

International Feminist Journal of Politics | January 28, 2020