Adele Vrana is Co-Director and co-founder of Whose Knowledge?. Adele has led business development and partnerships initiatives to help build a more plural and diverse communities in her native country of Brazil and globally. She is the former Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Wikimedia Foundation and a 2015 Erasmus Prize laureate on behalf of her work to expand access to Wikipedia in the Global South. Adele holds a BA in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Sao Paulo. When not re-imagining what the internet of the future would look like and advocating for that online, Adele spends most of her time raising two feminist boys, reading black feminists from the Global South, and spending time with her friends from close and afar. 


Anasuya Sengupta is Co-Director and co-founder of Whose Knowledge?. She has led initiatives in India and the USA, across the global South, and internationally for over 20 years, to amplify marginalised voices in virtual and physical worlds. She is the former Chief Grantmaking Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation, former Regional Program Director at the Global Fund for Women, and a 2017 Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. She received a 2018 Internet and Society award from the Oxford Internet Institute, and is on the Scholars’ Council for UCLA’s Center for Critical Internet Inquiry. Anasuya holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar. She also has a BA in Economics (Honours) from Delhi University. When not rabble-rousing online, Anasuya builds and breaks pots and poems, takes long walks by the water and in the forest, and contorts herself into yoga poses.


Ashima Bhardwaj is the Operations Coordinator for Whose Knowledge?. She has worked, over the last ten years, in various capacities from human resource management to operations management to public outreach. She is experienced in designing and implementing international inclusion and diversity programs, training workshops and public speaking. She strongly believes in the lifelong process of learning, unlearning and relearning; and is passionate about using her skills and experiences to create change in communities around the world. She is the former Director of Operations at The Rules Foundation, and Associate Director of International Programs at UNESCO Center for Peace. Ashima holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from Uttarakhand Technical University, India, as well as a Masters in English Literature from Garhwal University, India. When not tallying accounting spreadsheets, Ashima spends her time with family, cooking up traditional dishes, writing poems and reading books with the kids.


Claudia Pozo is Communications Lead of Whose Knowledge?. She is a Bolivian cyberfeminist, graphic designer, podcast producer, web developer, and digital rights activist devoted to bridging tech communities know-how with grassroots movements’ necessities. She holds a BA in Social Communications and a Master’s Degree in Development Management from the University of Agder in Norway. You will usually find her organizing training sessions on digital security, discussion panels on technopolitics, or drinking black tea while datamoshing late at night.


Maari Zwick-Maitreyi is the new Whose Knowledge? Epistemic Justice Fellow. Informed by her training as a scientist, she has taken the path to becoming a feminist community historian believing in the power of oppressed people to tell their history with autonomy. In these roles, she has worked to co-create many participatory knowledge projects including the Dalit History Month project. She will support marginalization and knowledge gaps research on the team. Maari holds a PhD in Biology and is a recipient of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. When not thinking about what her next project may be, she is usually making digital art or growing vegetables in her balcony garden.


Mariana Fossatti is the #VisibleWikiWomen 2020 campaign coordinator. She’s a feminist and a free culture activist. Her background is in sociology and she has a master’s degree in Society and Development from the Universidad de la República, Uruguay. She co-founded the digital cultural centre Ártica in 2011, and co-founded the Uruguayan chapters of Creative Commons and Wikimedia in 2013. She also works in the APC Women Rights Programme, amplyfing women voices in tech on GenderIT blog, and facilitating feminist ways of knowing in the Feminist Internet Research Network. When not sharing knowledge or tech tips and tricks with other feminists, you can find her in front of her collage table, figuring out how to finish several work-in-progress pieces.


Siko Bouterse is Co-Director and co-founder of Whose Knowledge?. She’s organized, localized and imagined a more plural and truly global web for over 10 years. She is former Director of Community Resources at the Wikimedia Foundation. Siko has an MA in Middle East History from the American University in Cairo, where her award-winning thesis focused on social history not captured in traditional historical sources. She also holds a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley where she worked at the Phoebe Hearst Museum. When not rabble-rousing online, Siko is paddleboarding in the ocean, cooking and reading about delicious feasts, making bad mixed-media art, and raising a feminist daughter.



Sourav Roy

Since 1998, I’ve seen the Internet knowledgescape change from a verdant forest in Web 1.0 to a walled garden in Web 2.0. Now it’s becoming a castle with mirrored mazes. I want to turn it back into the forest. Am a helpful, hopeful, part-domesticated animal. Into difficult pleasures. Queer.



Our allies and friends include:

Kira Allmann

May Hashem 

Sailesh Patnaik

Irene Tait

Temi Lasade-Anderson



Current advisors include:

  • Amanda Menking (Feminist scholar at the University of Washington Information School, USA)
  • Bishakha Datta (Founder of Point of View, a feminist media organisation, India)
  • Camille Emefa Acey (Feminist techie and Vice-President, Clubhouse Software)
  • Dumisani Ndubane (Convenor of first WikiIndaba for African Wikimedians, South Africa)
  • Garfield Byrd (Chief Financial Officer, Kipp Foundation, USA)
  • Jac SM Kee (Manager, Women’s Rights Program, Association of Progressive Communications, Malaysia)
  • Karien Bezuidenhout (Director, Shuttleworth Foundation, South Africa)
  • María Sefidari (Professor of Digital Communications, Culture and Citizenship, Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, Spain)
  • Mark Graham (Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor, Oxford Internet Institute, UK)
  • Nadine Moawad (APC EROTICS Coordinator, Nasawiya, Lebanon)
  • Oona Castro (Digital rights activist and journalist, Brazil)
  • Sucheta Ghoshal (Open source web developer and human-centered computing researcher at Georgia Tech, USA)
  • Wendy Hanamura (Director of Partnerships, The Internet Archive, USA)



Both global networks and local partners are welcome to join the campaign!

Our partners include: