Toward a Wikipedia For and From Us All



“We love Wikipedia. As readers, and as contributors. But we also hate what it can do to many of us from marginalized communities around the world. Most Wikipedians find it hard to accept that a truly inspiring model of peer production can sit alongside misogyny, racism, and colonialism, but this has indeed been our experience of Wikipedia’s first twenty years.

Don’t get us wrong; we do love Wikipedia. But for us, our passion for the projects translates into tough love. We believe in speaking up about some of the critical issues of marginalization that have been lurking, invisible, or silenced over the past twenty years. And we believe that acting to change this status quo will make Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement more powerful and relevant over the next twenty.”

Chapter from the “Wikipedia @ 20: Stories of an Incomplete Revolution” book, edited by Joseph Reagle and Jackie Koerner.

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By Adele Vrana, Anasuya Sengupta, and Siko Bouterse

MIT Press | January 28, 2020