We are a global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities (the majority of the world) on the internet.

Image by FloNight, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Decolonizing the Internet

The internet we have today is not multilingual enough to reflect the full depth and breadth of humanity, and most online knowledge today is created and accessible only through colonial languages. We plan on gathering — with a specific focus on building an agenda for action to decolonize the internet’s languages. We’ll bring together 20 scholars, linguists, archivists, technologists and community activists for two-days prior to MozFest 2019 in London!

Image by Alana Sayers Hupacasath and Kipohtakaw First Nation artist and scholar, part of the HASTAC 2019 exhibition at the Hatch Gallery.

Decolonizing Knowledge at HASTAC 2019

Recently, we had the opportunity to co-host a panel session with Persephone Hooper Lewis, Leslie Chan and Maari Zwick-Maitreyi at the Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) 2019 conference. This year’s focus was on decolonizing technology and reprogramming education. Listen to what Maari, Leslie and Persephone shared during the panel!