We are a global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities (the majority of the world) on the internet.

Image by FloNight, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Duotone image with the text 'a rivermap of our year' in blue

2023 in review: A rivermap of our year

This year felt like watering the flowers that bloomed and tending to the knowledge and digital justice ecosystem that Whose Knowledge? is both a part of and helps build, grow, and strengthen. When talking ‘roadmaps’ and strategic planning, we came up with a different framing: rivermaps. What if we understood our work through the motion and stillness of water?
Text reads: "Whose views, values & histories get codified into structured data?"

Wikidata: why we contribute to the robot epistemology

Knowledge Justice Research Lead Maari Maitreyi explores how hegemonic communities’ views, agenda, categories of classification and decisions can be embedded in Wikidata and established as truth. If we aim to decolonize structured data, how can we engage critically with it and reflect the lives, histories, cultures of our people and communities and fortify our realities on these platforms?

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