We are a global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities (the majority of the world) on the internet.

Image by FloNight, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


#VisibleWikiWomen 2021

We invite women’s and feminist organizations, culture and memory institutions, Wikipedia editors, user groups, chapters, and anyone who would like to give notable women the visibility and acknowledgment they deserve, to join us in this 4th edition of #VisibleWikiWomen from 8 March to 8 May 2021. We're proud and grateful for the +15000 images of notable women that have been made available by our partners and friends during the last 3 years, but we're also aware that there is so much more to be done! Join us!

Exploring our Origins as a Decolonization Practice

In 2018, Whose Knowledge? co-founders Adele Godoy Vrana and Siko Bouterse began a process of exploring their ancestries, beginning with retelling their own family stories in the context of race and colonization. Today, as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, we share these stories online as a way to mark and honor the many communities that are working to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism in the US and around the world.

Open Call for Communications Co-Lead

Do you love social media? Do you enjoy writing engaging content aimed at a different audience each day of the week? We’d like you to bring your unique interests and skills to join our existing Communications Lead, working as a co-Lead in our growing communications team. If you are skilled at telling stories to bring in new collaborators, supporters and allies, interested in experimenting with new things, and excited about mission-driven initiatives, this is the gig for you!

Our Partners and Friends