Petronila Infantes

Petronila Infantes, Unknown author, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Our last day of #VisibleWikiWomen 2019: celebrating Petronila Infantes!

By Claudia Pozo | 7 May 2019

Today is the last day of #VisibleWikiWomen. To close out the campaign on a high note, we share with you the story of Petronila Infantes --a Bolivian chola, union leader, and chef--, and how her photo now illustrates her biography on Wikipedia.

Portraits of Women Artists

Posted April 15, 2019 by Claudia Pozo

Black Lunch Table turned to Wikipedia as a platform to increase visibility for artists of the African Diaspora in 2014. In 2018 they starting hiring photographers to join their events to professionally photograph and upload images of artists to Wikimedia Commons as part of #VisibleWikiWomen. Find out more about this experience!

For an Internet Where We Can Tell Our Own Stories

Posted February 11, 2019 by Adele Vrana

Is the first episode of a series of podcasts featuring interviews with some Decolonizing the Internet Conference attendees. Our guest today is Maame Akua Kyerewaa Marfo, who shares with us what a decolonized internet looks like to her. Find out much more by listening to this 9-min interview.

“Our Stories, Our Knowledges”: the full series!

Posted December 11, 2018 by Claudia Pozo

The full resource series of "Our Stories, Our Knowledges" brings together the four parts we have published over November 2018. We hope these resources will support you in the production, preservation and sharing of your communities' knowledge, and will guide you in building collaborative alliances and more powerful networks of solidarity.