Sally Al Haq

Sally Al Haq. Image taken by M D.

Sally Al Haq (she/هي/they) is the co-lead of The Liberatory Archives and Memory at Whose Knowledge? She is a writer, feminist, and educator. In her work, she focuses on the intersections of gender, history, colonialism and nationalism. She explores decolonized approaches to knowledge and education in the hope of bridging the political and the personal. She is a co-founder of the Ikhtyar Feminist Collective (2013-2022); where she worked on localizing feminist narratives in Arabic. Sally hopes for her work in archives to be a medium to co-create both collective and digital memories to mend systematic erasures. Sally was a SWANA advisor for the FRIDA Feminist Fund, and taught a course on Gender in Contemporary Egypt for Leiden University. Sally is a lover of words, trees, cats, and kind hearts. She finds dream lands in both nature and literature.