VisibleWikiWomen Story Contest


As part of the #VisibleWikiWomen Challenge, we’re running a story contest!  The aim of this contest is to share the stories behind the images of #VisibleWomenWomen.  

If you are the author of a photo or illustration of a notable woman (she could be an activist, artist, scientist, politician, athlete, etc), we invite you to donate the image to Wikimedia Commons and then share the story of that image. When and how did you encounter this woman? Why did you choose her for a portrait? When did you take the picture or make the illustration? What was happening at that moment? What did you want to share with the world through this image? 

How to enter the contest

Step 1:  Upload your photo or illustration of a notable woman to Wikipedia Commons. (First time? This page has some resources to help you get started)

Step 2:  Share the story behind this image by completing the below submission form. Please share your story and image anytime between 8 and 31 March 2018.

Submission form

Submit your story

Then what happens?

  • We’ll check your submission to make sure it fits the contest rules.
  • With your consent, all eligible stories will be published on the VisibleWikiWomen Facebook page as we receive them, and everything will be posted publicly by 3 April.
  • We’ll also select some stories to post on our website, and other social media spaces.
  • Everyone is invited to visit the Facebook page and vote for your favorites by liking them.
  • The stories with the most likes by 10 April will win a prize!

The rules

  • The subject of the image should be a notable woman  – this means she either already is, or should be, represented on Wikipedia. 
  • The image should be an original work from your own authorship. It is not necessary that it be an unpublished work, though.
  • The image must be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, under a compatible free license like Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.
  • The story is composed of both the image and the text. The text should be 800 words or less, and should refer mainly to the story behind the image itself. You should tell us a little bit about the woman, but we also want to hear how this image came to be!
  • Your text should be relevant to the below questions:
    • Why did you choose her for a portrait?
    • How did you meet or get to know about that woman?
    • When did you make the picture?
    • What was happening at that moment?
    • What did you want to share with the world through this photo?
  • Please submit your story in either English, Spanish, French, or Arabic.
  • In the submission form, you’ll be asked to give consent to share your story (with or without your name) on social media.
  • Stories that get the most likes on the VisibleWikiWomen Facebook page will be selected as contest winners.


Up to 4 prizes are available. Best stories can be selected in each of the 4 supported languages: English, Spanish, Arabic and French.

Prizes in the amount of $250 will be awarded in cash, gift cards for photography equipment, or a donation to an organization of your choice.


  • 8 March 2018 – 31 March 2018: Submit your story! 
  • 3 April 2018: Last submissions will be posted to Facebook
  • 10 April: End of voting on Facebook
  • 13 April: Winners announced!