Knowledge justice on the internet: different ways of knowing and doing


The infrastructure, content, and design of digital tools and spaces increasingly underpin our many modes of both offline and online communication. This is especially true during this time of forced immobility in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But as the internet has become suddenly more central to our lives, this moment has also revealed the many ways in which internet access and use are unequal. In this talk, we frame the issue of internet inequality in terms of ‘knowledge justice’ — aspiring to equal participation, representation, and visibility of different forms of knowledge online. We explore how our experiences of the internet are the products of certain exclusive knowledges. And we share some of the exciting ways in which we can build an internet that is more inclusive, accessible, diverse, multi-directional, and just– an internet that is truly for and by us all.

Watch the full webinar here.

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UKSG | July 1, 2020