Decolonizing PreK-12 OER: Lessons Learned at the Creative Commons Summit

CC Global Summit art by João Pombeiro

CC Global Summit art by João Pombeiro, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

“Last month, technologists, educators, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, and inventors from around the world gathered in Lisbon, Portugal for the Creative Commons Global Summit. […] Folks gathered at the summit to talk through the biggest challenges, successes, and lessons learned in their own work, and to share their vision for the future of the Open movement.

One of the most salient and compelling visions came from Adele Vrana and Siko Bouterse, co-directors and co-founders of Whose Knowledge?, a global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities on the internet. Delivered expertly through performance-based storytelling, their keynote explored two parallel stories about collective knowledge, familial adversity, and obscured histories. Their takeaway was simple: knowledge is power. The more we know about ourselves and our histories, the better able we are to disrupt, rather than perpetuate, systems of oppression.”

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By Sabia Prescott and Kristina Ishmael.

New America | June 7, 2019