Could ‘Radical Tough Love’ Improve the Internet? These Women Think So


“In honor of International Women’s Day, they [Anasuya Sengupta and Adele Vrana] are launching #VisibleWikiWomen, a campaign to bring more faces and more biographies of notable women around the world onto Wikipedia. In this podcast, they discuss the barriers that prevent many women from being considered ‘notable’ enough to Wikipedia editors, and they talk about the broader importance of decolonizing the Internet. “We—Black women, brown women, LGBTQI, indigenous folks—were not there defining and creating what the Internet is today,” Vrana explains. “The Internet of the future needs to include the ones that were not there for the making of it.”

Listen to the podcast.

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Interview to Adele Vrana and Anasuya Sengupta by Amy Costello

Tiny Spark | March 8, 2019