The language of power: How your trendy chatbot is leaving marginalised communities behind

Different coloured rectangle tiles with different animations from the State of the Internet's Languages report.

“Learning and reflecting on the state of languages online is a core aspect of the work on knowledge and language justice by Whose Knowledge? We have done this in different ways, including through the State of the Internet’s Languages (STIL) report launched in February 2022, in partnership with the Oxford Internet Institute and the Centre for Internet and Society (India).

The power analysis and the invitations and provocations for the future we offer here come from the rich tapestry that the STIL report is. As most of the work that challenges ongoing and historical structures of power and privilege, this is a continuous and community-led effort where the process of bringing it together was as important as the final result.”

Read the full article by Claudia Pozo, Ana Alonso, and Aldo Berríos on APC News.

Read the Spanish translation.

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