Solidarity with Palestine: reading and resource list

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A non-exhaustive list of readings, podcast episodes, videos, profiles to follow, and other resources in support of the Palestinian struggle.

Tech For Palestine toolkit

Gaza In Context Teach-In: First Session, Gaza 101

Black Feminist Writers and Palestine 

About Palestine, a series of videos in Brazilian Portuguese by Tese Onze (partially translated into Spanish and English)

Palestina em Transe, a series of podcast episodes in Portuguese produced by Grupo de Estudos sobre Conflitos Internacionais (GECI) PUC-SP

Why Hamas Attacked Israel – And What’s Next For Gaza, by Dena Takruri on AJPlus

Let’s Talk About How the Media Covers Gaza: A conversation with Gaza-based journalist Maram Humaid about the media’s love of misery, disdain for nuance, and distrust of local sources

To Say and Think a Life beyond What Settler Colonialism Has Made, by Samera Esmeir

Origins of the Israeli-Palestine Conflict, by Empire/Goalhanger Podcasts

Bad Memory, by Jewish Currents staff

Organizations and collectives to follow 

7amleh – The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement 

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel 

BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions) Movement

Al-Haq – Defending Human Rights 

Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) 

Jewish Voice for Peace

Palestinian Youth Movement

alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society

Visualizing Palestine 


Within Our Lifetime 

مركز وطن للمرأة والطفل Healing Our Homeland

Care and resources

alQaws support hotline

Psychology Spa – سايكولوجي سبا, which focuses on support for children

Gina Ali

The POC therapist 

Rim Abdellatif

Arabic Words  𓂆ضاد

Decolonize the classroom

Mutual aid

Palestinian Social Fund

Palestine Red Crescent, part of International Red Cross and Red Crescent

Egyptian Food Bank 

Medical Aid Palestine (UK)

Palestine Children’s Relief (USA)

Gift of the Givers (South Africa)

Al Ahli Hospital Appeal (UK)


UNRWA emergency appeal

World Food Programme Palestine Emergency Appeal

Join the call

Civil society organizations call for tech companies to respect Palestinian digital rights in times of crisis 

Join the call from Palestinian Trade Unions to halt the arms trade with Israel and end complicity 

International Civil Society statement: Restore Telecoms and Internet Connectivity in Gaza Now!

Radical communications and coverage from/in Palestine

+972 Magazine (@972mag

The Cradle (@TheCradleMedia)

Eye on Palestine

Electronic Intifada (@intifada)


Mondoweiss (@Mondoweiss)

Quds News Network (@redstreamnet)

Resistance News Network

Journalists covering Palestine

Dena Takruri

Dima Khatib

Mohammed El-Kurd

Noura Erakat

Sana Saeed

Yara Eid

Journalists on the ground in Gaza

Mariam Barghouti 

Motaz Azaiza 

Plestia Alaqad

Youmna El-Qunsol

Bisan (Filmmaker)

E-books, publications, and reading lists

Solidarity with Palestine – A Radical Black Feminist Mandate: a reading list, by Black Women Radicals 

Books on Palestine by publishers who have stood by Palestine, by @sofia_reading 

Free Palestine reading list, by Pluto Press

Free books for a Free Palestine, by Haymarket Press 

Gaza Writes Back: Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine, edited by Refaat Alareer

Ten Myths About Israel by Ilan Pappé available for free in English, and em português

Statement by the Union of Teachers and Employees of Birzeit University, Ramallah 

History books on Palestine by Samar Saeed

Books by Palestinian scholars and books about Palestinian history and politics by Umayyah Cable

AUC Press recommended Literature on Palestine

Critique of Big Tech

Normalizing the Surveillance State—Cybersecurity Cooperation and the Abraham Accords, by Alyssa Bivins

Tech Companies Must Respect Palestinian Digital Rights, by 7amleh

Silicon Valley’s War against Palestine, by Asa Winstanley

Israel’s Tools of Occupation Are Tested on Palestine and Exported Globally, by Kelly Hayes

What a cat in a keffiyeh reveals about AI’s anti-Palestinian bias, by Ameera Kawash

Epistemic Justice as a Condition of Political Freedom?, by Miranda Fricker 

Meta Censors #Gaza Content, by Anna Rajagopal

Instagram Users Accuse Platform of Censoring Posts Supporting Palestine, by Kari Paul 

Meta has a moderation bias problem, not just a ‘bug,’ that’s suppressing Palestinian voice, by Morgan Sung

How Social Media Abdicated Responsibility for the News, by Kyle Chayka

Instagram apologises for adding ‘terrorist’ to some Palestinian user profiles by Josh Taylor

Archive projects

Palestine Open Maps

Nakba Archive

Al-Nakba: 1948 Palestinian Exodus: Oral History 

Palestinian Oral History Archive (more than 1,000 hours of testimonies with first-generation Palestinians and other Palestinian communities in Lebanon)

The looting of Palestinian archives and the colonial project to control memory

Majd Al-Shihabi and the mission to produce more knowledge and archives in Arabic, by Whose Knowledge?

How Israel Erases Palestinian Cultural Memory, by Rona Sela

Column: Seven Decades Later, the History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Still Being Kept Secret, by Nicholas Goldberg 

History Suppressed: Censorship in Israel’s Archives, by Al Jazeera

Looted & Hidden’: Israel’s Futile Attempts to Erase Palestinian History, by Khelil Bouarrouj

Israel Deliberately Forgets Its History, by Schlomo Sand 

Israel Continues to Criminalise Marking Nakba Day, by Patrick Strickland

Culture, art, poetry

Germany must face its issues over Israel and the past. Silencing a Palestinian author won’t help, by Hanno Hauenstein

20 Arab films spotlighting Palestinian stories and struggles, by Fadila Khalid

Embroidery & The Intifada: Palestinian Dress as Resistance, by Farida El Shafie

Unprovoked Narratives, by the Palestine Film Institute

‘We teach life, sir’, by Rafeef Ziadah

Heba Zagout, an artist from Gaza killed by Israeli airstrikes 

Noor Hindi

Suheir Hammad

Palestinian Posters

Documenting Palestine 

Hareth Yousef


Kohl Journal, a Lebanese-based queer, radical, open-source publication from the South, with an emphasis on West Asia and North Africa
Aswat, a feminist queer movement for sexual and gender freedoms in Palestine 

Khrarif – خراريف

Sanaa Moussa

Volunteer-led storytelling + infographics

Palestinian Refugee Story 

Refugee Chronicles



Koufiyeh Hamra

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