Celebrating 5 years of Whose Knowledge?

21 September 2021

We are thrilled to celebrate our 5th anniversary! As we celebrate this milestone, we honor the people, the communities and their knowledges who got us started on this journey 5 years ago. As a global, multilingual campaign, when we say “we”, we are not referring to our small but mighty feminist collective. Our “we” centers and celebrates our communities, their leadership and imaginations in the fight against epistemic injustice.

Whose Knowledge? challenges historical, ongoing and intersectional inequities of gender, sexuality, class, caste, region, language, ability by working with and in service of women, black and brown people, LGBTIQ+ communities, Indigenous peoples, and diasporic, Global South communities to build and represent all of our knowledges online.

To celebrate the many steps we’ve taken, large and small, on this path to knowledge justice, we want to share with you glimpses of what we have done and achieved.

We invite you to click through these memories and don’t miss out on our entire week of celebrations. You’re invited to join our social media party, which is taking place this Thursday, September 23rd, on Twitter.

And if you already are part of our communities, as a friend, partner, ally, supporter, advisor, co-conspirator, funder or donor, we take this opportunity to thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it were not for you. Here’s to co-creating our futures and dreams together for the years to come!

In these 5 years we…

Created collaboratively:

Our Stories Our Knowledges Resources Series
State of the Internet Languages
Decolonizing the Internet by Decolonizing Ourselves: Challenging Epistemic Injustice through Feminist Practice
Centering knowledge from the margins: our embodied practices of epistemic resistance and revolution
Whose Knowledge Is Online? Practices of Epistemic Justice for a Digital New Deal

Amplified the work of our communities:

Whose Voices? podcast
Call for Contributions and Reflections for the State of the Internet’s Languages Report: Your experiences in Decolonizing the Internet’s Languages!
Blog posts from our friends and communities
Panel at Wikimania 2018: Centering Knowledge From the Margins: A Whose Knowledge? Discussion

Created spaces for collective reflections and practices:

Decolonizing the Internet Conference
Decolonizing the Internet’s Languages Conference
#VisibleWikiWomen workshop
Community Knowledge sharing experiences with Dalit organizers, Queer and Feminist communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kumayaay Native American allies

Because the personal is also political, we looked inward, reflectively:

Siko Bouterse and Adele Godoy Vrana at the 2019 CC Global Summit, sharing their origins and stories.

Widely shared our frames and practices:

Anti-racism Statement
Keynotes and talks
Anasuya Sengupta and Adele Vrana at the Week Program on First Voices Indigenous Radio

Brought thousands of women, trans and non-binary people’s images online:

#VisibleWikiWomen campaign

#VisibleWikiWomen on social media

Highlighted and celebrated the achievements of our communities:

FemInStyle Africa: Centering womxn’s voices and their feminist realities in Africa
“I will only stop when my eyes close” – Why we must keep WHRDs’ stories alive
Portraits of Women Artists
Whose Knowledge? Art Gallery

Co-designed solutions and programs:

Numun Fund
Honouring Our Guardians

What a ride it’s been! We invite you to join us in the path that lays ahead. Let’s sum efforts and aspirations as we build together a truly global internet. Subscribe to our Newsletter if you haven’t yet, and stay tuned for more adventures to come!

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