Whose Knowledge? — A movement for inclusive representation on Wikipedia

Collage containing Black and brown women and non-binary people in black and white; images from the Visible Wiki Women campaign 2022.
In this blog post written by the Wikimedia Foundation, the #VisibleWikiWomen campaign is spotlighted. Via Wikimedia Foundation.

While three-quarters of the world’s online population today comes from the Global South (Asia, Africa, and Latin America) and nearly half are women, most public knowledge online has been written by white men from the Global North. The feminist collective and Wikimedia volunteer group, “Whose Knowledge?,” is working to change this. 

Sunshine Fionah Komusana, the #VisibleWikiWomen Campaign Coordinator, and Mariana Fossatti, the Decolonizing Wikipedia Coordinator at Whose Knowledge?, describe their efforts as “… a radical re-imagining and re-design of the internet so that together we can build and defend an internet of, for, and by all.” One of the ways this is done is through #VisibleWikiWomen, a campaign aiming to make notable women more visible both on Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia, and the broader internet. 

This excerpt is from the Open the Knowledge: Stories, a blog series highlighting Wikimedia movement volunteers and groups that are working to make Wikipedia and our free knowledge projects more equitable.

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