Whose Knowledge Prospectus 2021-2023

Historical and current structures of power and privilege continue to define what is considered knowledge, who creates it, and how. Systemic forces like capitalism, colonization, patriarchy, racism and homophobia have actively undermined, destroyed, or appropriated the knowledges of much of the world’s populations. This has led to severe knowledge (or “epistemic”) injustices. The internet ‐ as a primary digital infrastructure for knowledge ‐ further exacerbates these inequities, even as it promises to be emancipatory and democratic.

To challenge these inequities, we need a dramatic transformation in the nature and forms of knowledge that are accepted and shared, and in the backgrounds and identities of knowledge creators and curators.

Whose Knowledge? works at the forefront of this transformation by supporting the leadership of marginalized communities to share their own stories and knowledges online, safely and securely. This ensures that a particular version of white, straight, male, North American and European history and knowledge does not become the overarching history and knowledge of the world.

Lear more about our programs, initiatives and plans for the 2021-2023 period with this resource.


Whose Knowledge?

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