Part 1: Decolonizing our stories and knowledges

“Decolonizing our stories and knowledges” is Part 1 in the “Our Stories, Our Knowledges” Resource Series.

This collection of resources is written as a guide to support marginalized communities in sharing their knowledge online. We hope to inspire the next generation of knowledge-makers to join in this work within their own communities. These resources are also intended to encourage allies who wish to help with this work. Whether you’re a member of a marginalized community, or an ally, these resources are here to assist you in centering knowledge from the margins.

The writers of these resources all have powerful perspectives, expertise, and embodied knowledge to share.  We write as members of Native American communities of the Kumeyaay and Shoshone, Dalit feminist communities from India and the diaspora, LGBTIQA communities from Bosnia Herzegovina, and Whose Knowledge? allies. This collection will share some of our personal and community stories and knowledges, and also document what we’ve learned from producing and re-imagining online knowledge together over the past few years.


Whose Knowledge?

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